Mobilizing Minds

pdf downloadMeadows Mental Health Policy Institute Releases Key Findings from Texas Mental Health Survey

More than half of all Texans surveyed have been impacted by mental health issues either at home or at work. The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute issued these and other important findings today. The mental health survey, conducted among randomly selected Texas voters by Baselice and Associates, Inc., was done to measure the awareness and knowledge of mental health among Texans; to gauge if more or less attention or more or less spending should be directed toward mental health issues in Texas; and to measure the correlation of attitudinal statements on the level of attention or resources that should be directed toward mental health issues.
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The Mental Health Landscape

Mobilizing Minds

The goal of Texas State of Mind is to connect overlapping groups and empower local systems across the state to identify and deliver best practices that will help Texans gain access to efficient and effective treatment. These videos outline the various struggles individuals face as well as perceptions and thought leadership in mental health.

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