Emergency mental health bill advances in Texas Senate

Senator Jane Nelson’s SB 10 would establish a mental health consortium tasked with creating mental health initiatives, facilitating stronger collaboration among medical schools, improving mental health research and expanding mental health telemedicine for children.

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In Texas, an Innovative Spirit Infuses Mental Health Care

The larger healthcare system has maintained a harmful wall between “mental healthcare” and “healthcare” based on a flawed premise that mental health is not physical. From an overreliance on specialists to treat routine illnesses like mild depression and anxiety that could be effectively treated by their general practitioner, to a failure to widely deploy reliable screening just because it relies on verbal reporting rather than bodily fluids, to the way insurance companies typically force “integrated” providers to contract with two separate payers (one for “mental” and one for “physical” health), our health system seems fixated on treating mental health differently than physical ailments.

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Post-Harvey survey shows that mental health problems are pervasive

The Hurricane Harvey Registry revealed something researchers have known for decades: natural disasters contribute to mental health problems. The registry’s recently announced initial findings showed nearly two-thirds of respondents experienced Harvey-related mental health difficulties, particularly symptoms of posttraumatic stress. Fortunately, we also know mental health problems are readily treatable and, in many cases, preventable when the right care is provided as soon as possible.

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