The coronavirus pandemic is pushing America into a mental-health crisis

Mental-health experts are especially worried about the ongoing economic devastation. Research has established a strong link between economic upheaval and suicide and substance use. Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute predictions suggest if unemployment amid the coronavirus pandemic ends up rising 5 percentage points to a level similar to the Great Recession, an additional 4,000 people could die of suicide and an additional 4,800 from drug overdoses.

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COVID-19’s coming mental health toll is a ‘disease of despair’

Massive unemployment, social isolation and uncertainty about the future, has already caused a doubling of anxiety and depression from 2014, according to a U.S. Census Bureau survey released late last month. Now, a Texas group is predicting the ultimate mental health cost: a big spike in deaths because of suicide and drug overdose.

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Charting The Mental Health Effects Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

From lockdowns to unemployment to reopening, the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute is taking a deep dive into how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect mental health. President and CEO Andy Keller talks with KERA Radio about the Institute’s research.

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