Much research has been done on mental health practices and service delivery. Significant findings and reports can be found through these links, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Please dial 911 if you think the situation you are dealing with is an emergency.

Please note: The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute does not provide health services of any type—mental health, substance abuse or other services.

24-Hour Crisis Intervention Hotlines

Click here for 24-Hour Crisis Intervention Numbers Available in Each Texas County. This list is maintained by Texas Health and Human Services.

The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute is committed to providing factual and reliable information regarding mental health resources during this crisis. It is critical to actively focus on your mental health as well as that of those in your care. Visit our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mental Health Resources page to stay informed.

Public Mental Health Services & Information

Information for a variety of available local mental health services and resources throughout Texas can be found on*:

Information on Public Mental Health Services »

Hay información en Español también.

*The information available on this website may not always be fully up-to-date.

Public Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment

Information on substance abuse services that are available in Texas counties can be accessed by clicking on the following link on the Texas Health and Human Services Commission website:

Information on Public Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment »

See the link at the bottom of the page to find outreach, screening, assessment and referral services near you, or view the menu on the left for additional options.

Your Insurance Plan

If you have health insurance, it should cover mental health and substance abuse services, though sometimes it may not.

Please contact your health plan to learn more about which services are available and about how to access services you might need.

In addition, many of the public mental health and substance abuse services providers at the links above can help you access services available through your insurance.

Please dial 911 if you think the situation you are dealing with might be an emergency or if you are in doubt about what you should do.

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